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Junior Strategist

Pathfinder 23

Company description:

At Pathfinder 23 (PF23) we define our mission as #brandbuilding in #ecommerce.
We strive to combine art with science and use creative and technological potential to design and implement the most efficient #pathtopurchase scenarios.
Our team has unique experience in delivering complex E-commerce projects in EMEA, NA, and LATAM. #globalecomm
Our combined experience covers cooperation with over 50 #topbrands and over 300 e-retailers globally.

Why E-Commerce?
Brand-building in E-commerce is still a niche, but this won’t last forever. From our agency’s viewpoint, we can clearly see that brands are beginning to understand that having no dedicated E-Commerce approach is no longer an option.
Whether you are looking to move to the next level or are only starting your career, working in E-Commerce will teach you highly valuable and transferrable skills. Learn how to guide our clients in the E-Commerce journey and how to amplify their brands’ digital presence, so you become a digital hero the marketing industry is looking for.
Read the whole article written by the Strategy Director:

What is ahead of you:
As a Junior Strategist in Brand Experience Strategy Team (BEST :) ), you will be responsible for creating a Content Strategy tailored to requirements and specifics of E-Commerce for global clients in various categories. Your main task will be building a brand image in online stores on a global, regional, and local level as well as optimizing brand content by conducting tests and introducing innovations. The main goal of your work will be to increase sales in E-Commerce. If your qualifications exceed the Junior level, we are ready to offer you a higher position in the team's structure. On the other hand - if you feel you don't have enough experience - no worries, Pathfinder 23 is the best place to learn about E-Commerce!

If you choose to accept the mission, you will:

  • Proactively track trends in the area of e-commerce, digital and content marketing
  • Create content recommendations for the needs of E-commerce - product cards, landing pages, educational content, and other types of content visible in the E-commerce channel
  • Create recommendations for the copy for the needs of E-commerce and supervising the process of their creation, in close cooperation with E-commerce Experience Copywriter
  • Analyze the quality of brand content and create recommendations for Content Messaging Architecture and Shopping Missions, as well as preparing content guidelines for designers.
  • Develop knowledge on the limitations and functionalities of E-commerce platforms in the area of content

What makes this a great career opportunity?

  • Possibility to become an expert in an E-commerce environment and educate yourself about the brands
  • A chance to gather knowledge of the most important functionalities of e-commerce platforms
  • Ability to work with and learn from one of the best E-Commerce experts on the market
  • Work with leading brands in their categories
  • Room for development and proactivity
  • Opportunity to get experience on global, regional and local markets

What you'll need to succeed:

  • Your number one feature is curiosity - you are interested and inquiring, and your discoveries put into practice bring real positive effects
  • You are fluent in English (it’s a must!),
  • You are passionate about the world of E-commerce and you would love to develop in this field
  • You are independent, well organized, and attentive
  • You have strong presentation skills and you are focused on details
  • You can build a partner relationship, not only with customers but also with colleagues
  • You like working in a team, and the team spirit is as important to you as the work itself

Our hiring process:

  • Phone interview with our recruitment team to match your expectations vs. potential role → ask about everything!
  • Online Interview: meet the team!
  • Homework presentation (Optional): The topic of the presentation is always related to e-commerce so you will be able to experience what we are doing here and learn more about it ;)
  • Welcome on board!

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Thank you and see you!
Best regards,
Recruitment Team from Man on the Moon ;)