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Senior E-commerce Brand Experience Strategist Team Leader

Pathfinder 23

Did you know how much E-commerce may help you to future-proof your career?

Brands are beginning to understand that having a dedicated approach to E-commerce is a must!
Brand-building in E-commerce is still a niche, but this won’t last forever. While E-commerce has been booming for quite some time, brand-building in E-commerce still seems to be something of a niche. Many major brands still have lots of basics to fix in their E-commerce presence, such as assortment availability and product content. Moving further: brand-driven, sales-focused activations are nearly non-existent. In fact, 360-degree campaigns most often lack an E-commerce component, which makes them in reality more like 270-degree campaigns. Sometimes it’s glaringly obvious that brands simply lack a dedicated E-commerce strategy, and any growth is more incidental, or natural, than actively driven. From our agency viewpoint, we can clearly see that brands are beginning to understand that having no dedicated E-commerce approach is no longer an option. We’re seeing the number of dedicated E-commerce budgets and E-commerce specific briefs grow rapidly and clients are setting up teams devoted to E-commerce in their internal structures. Learn how to fix the basics and how to amplify a brand’s digital and offline communication in E-commerce and you’ll be the hero that the digital marketing industry is looking for.

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Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be:

  • Leading and growing a Brand Experience Strategy team
  • Being responsible for leading and growing Brand Experience scope of work on a selected group of clients
  • Shaping E-commerce Brand Experience for the world’s biggest FMCG brands
  • Building global and local data-driven content toolkits
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis of brands’ presence quality in E-commerce
  • Crafting data-driven strategies, frameworks and guidebooks
  • Designing solutions in the areas such as E-commerce Content, E-commerce Activations, Social Commerce, or UX
  • Developing Agency offering in close cooperation with teams such as Analytics or Business Intelligence & Data Engineering
  • Monitoring Clients’ competitive landscape and keeping up with industry trends to share actionable insights and drive their E-business growth 

What you’ll need to succeed:


  • E-commerce / Digital - related experience (content, activations, running own shop, etc.)
  • Digital native – knowing well what’s happening in the digital world in terms of trends and possibilities
  • Business-oriented – focused on achieving KPIs – experience in tracking/setting objectives
  • Creative and innovative approach towards challenges
  • Knowledge of consumer decision journey and marketing strategies
  • Presentation & storytelling skills
  • Fluent English 


  • International experience
  • Project Management experience 

What makes this a great career opportunity?

  • Unique chance of working on the verge of brand, agency and E-retailers
  • Learning from the best E-Commerce experts in Poland
  • Unique chance of leading the Brand experience strategy for one of the biggest brands in the industry
  • Working on a global level and multiple local markets
  • Key role in an amazing team with big freedom and room for development 

Our recruitment process:

  • Phone interview with our recruitment team to match your expectations vs. potential role → ask about everything!
  • Online Interview: meet the team!
  • Homework online presentation: Topic of the presentation is always related to E-commerce so you will be able to experience what we are doing here and learn more about it
  • Welcome on board! 

Pathfinder 23 in a nutshell:

At Pathfinder 23 (PF23) we define our mission as #brandbuilding in #ecommerce.

We strive to combine art with science and use creative and technological potential to design and implement the most efficient #pathtopurchase scenarios.

Our team has unique experience in delivering complex E-commerce projects in EMEA, NA, and LATAM. #globalecomm

Our combined experience covers cooperation with over 50 #topbrands and over 300 e-retailers globally.

PF23 is part of Brand New Galaxy (BNG), an independent platform integrating smart business solutions from the areas of marketing and technology.

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Thank you and see you!

Best regards,
Recruitment Team from Man on the Moon ;)