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E-commerce Experience Copywriter

Pathfinder 23

Company description

Pathfinder 23 (PF23) is an End-2-End E-commerce Agency with mission to build brands in the E-commerce environment. We use creativity, technology and knowledge of E-commerce platform functionalities to create engaging experience and effective shopping scenarios which fit the needs of a contemporary consumer. Currently at PF23, we deliver projects for the world’s leading Companies from FMCG, OTC or other industry sectors and across dozens of categories including Beauty, Baby Care or Pharma. We work on a global, regional and local level and cooperate with almost every key E-commerce platform in the world. PF23 team consists of professionals with over 15 years of experience in E-commerce and biggest talents on the market. As such, we can deliver any kind of E-commerce project and help address our Clients’ key E-business challenges.

PF23 is part of Brand New Galaxy (BNG), an independent platform integrating smart business solutions from the areas of marketing and technology. BNG is a haven for interesting, dynamic ideas based both in marketing and tech, at home in the startup environment yet comparable in scale with many network agencies. Apart from PF23, BNG includes Spacecamp – a creative and technological digital agency, Life on Mars – a through-the-line agency building brand communications both in and out of the digital ecosystem, and Synthrone – a platform for implementation automation and brand analytics in E-commerce.

The Challenge

As E-commerce Experience Copywriter, you will design and create E-commerce Storytelling that will enable our Clients to grow their E-business. In close cooperation with E-commerce Experience Engineer, you will have the opportunity to build creative campaigns that fit the specifics of E-commerce channel – the fastest growing channel in Digital with vast potential for creative communication.

The challenge is huge yet exciting! You will have the chance to unleash your creativity and work for the biggest global brands across diverse categories, continents and E-commerce platforms as well as other Digital touchpoints.

If you want to:

• create E-commerce Storytelling considering all key elements of E-commerce communication such as Consumer Journey, Path-to-Purchase, Purchase Decision Tree, purchase Triggers and Barriers, etc., 
• write and edit creative product descriptions and other E-commerce copy to address the contemporary shopper needs, 
• come up with comprehensive creative concepts including big idea, promo mechanics, sales concepts, rewards, etc., to support E-commerce sales, 
• be a part of a dream dual-team with E-commerce Experience Engineer (a creative person focused on Information Architecture and User Experience aspects), 
• proactively pitch creative concepts, new services and products in E-commerce environment, 
• provide creative support (ideas, copy, claims, products naming, etc.) to other teams within the company, 
• create case studies for selected Agency’s projects

and on top of that you:

• have experience in content marketing and/or creating creative campaigns in Digital or E-commerce, 
• easily create advertising copy that fits the style of specific target groups, 
• are a native English speaker (it’s a must!), 
• are interested in innovations in the world of Digital and you want to develop yourself in the direction of E-commerce, 
• like to cooperate with people from various departments ranging from Design, Strategy to Client Service, 
• are capable of creating immersive presentations and present them in front of the Client, 
• are very well organized, focused and capable of working on multiple projects simultaneously, 
• are detailed and goal-oriented person, 
• like to work in a team, 
• value transparent communication, support, understanding and clearly stated goals 

- that’s awesome!

We would love to get to know you, so please send us your CV and a few words about your motivation* – we would love to read about it!

*We love to read letters of intent. Please write a few words about who you are, why you are looking for a job and how Pathfinder 23 can benefit from you joining the team.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!